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Mitchell Beckwith 1 year ago

After seeking around for somewhere to train that would have a good “vibe and energy” to keep my slack ass motivated a friend said to try PPTC. Lucky for me it had that and much more, I have since been training here for roughly 18 months and have constantly hit 4-5 sessions a week and would do more if i could find the time. Not only does it have great trainers who push you to the limit, but the people they have managed to attract as clientele are some of the most genuine people going around. It truely is somewhere you go to feel a part of a large family all working to progress together without leaving people behind.

Carley 1 year ago

PPTC is the best gym in Berwick!!! I have been a member now for a year and have seen results in myself I’ve never had anywhere else. I have lost weight, increased my fitness dramatically, learnt how to box properly and I’m now learning how to kick box. Every class is exciting and challenging, you’ll be happy to come in everyday with the amazing people that run the place and the members there, working out will be the best part of your day!!

Jinky 1 year ago

A very welcoming place. Absolutely enjoy training here. Boxing classes are just AMAZING! Friendly and highly skilled trainers. It’s never boring, classes are hard, fun and taught very well. Excellent value for money and I truly found my new love for fitness here 💪🥊

Jo Boulter 1 year ago

PPTC is where I choose to go for my fitness journey.
I am at a beginner level and some of the exercises are modified so that I am still able to participate and get the most out of every session. I have learnt so many new ways of exercising which has made coming here so much fun.
Marcus, Locky and Adim are awesome trainers and they plan great sessions with plenty of variety. I really appreciate their patience with me while I’m learning all the exercises and I love how I am challenged by every class whilst being encouraged by everyone to push myself beyond my limits.
I am so happy with my results so far and will continue to push myself at PPTC to attain my fitness goals.

Elyce Boulter 1 year ago

I never thought gym could be as fun as it is at PPTC! From the friends you make, the challenging variety of sessions, to everyone motivating and pushing you every step of the way.
The trainers are really great, they know their stuff and are very accommodating when it comes to injuries. It has been re-assuring knowing they are there to help you on your journey.
I have learnt a lot being at PPTC. New exercises, better technique, and the motivation I need to push myself and see the changes along the way. I can’t wait for all that is to come from PPTC, it can only be good things. Happy Training & Bring It On!

Kerry 1 year ago

I have been going to PPTC for over 10 months and after trying many different gyms and boot camps, Lockys sessions are by far the most professional, challenging but also great fun in a super supportive environment. No two sessions are ever the same and Locky can tailor any workout to accommodate any injury or someone recovering from surgery. I no longer struggle for motivation, I look forward to every session with commando camp and boxing being my two favorite classes. There are heaps of classes in both the mornings and evenings and this is great as I’m a shift worker and need flexibility in my workout routine. I never thought that I could have so much fun training and highly recommend PPTC to anyone of any age or fitness level!!

Caitlyn Webb 1 year ago

My mum asked me to come do a trial at PPTC and after my first bootcamp class, I knew I was signing up! They welcomed me and made me feel like I have been there for years. I have never looked back and I absolutely love it! Thankyou PPTC for each and every session, you make it fun but also challenging 🙂

Renee Smith 1 year ago

PPTC is an amazing place to train.
It’s not a “ I have to go” it’s a “ I want to go”
Everybody is so welcoming and friendly which makes it a lot more enjoyable!
Couldn’t recommend this centre enough.
Come and join the family! ☺

Dani 1 year ago

I have been going to PPTC for 8 months now and absolutely love it. All the trainers are so supportive and helpful and I love every second.

Absolutely love boxing….they are my favorite sessions and love seeing that we are all improving and getting fitter and healthier.

To anyone considering coming I couldn’t recommend PPTC enough! 💪🏻🥊💪🏻🥊

Natasha Lamport 1 year ago

I have been training at PPTC for almost two years now and I love every part about this gym!
What sets PPTC apart from other gyms is the atmosphere the trainers have created!
I always feel welcome by the staff and receive great motivation and encouragement during classes from all of them.
The trainers at PPTC are very professional and passionate and have great adaptability and versatility skills, they push me well and truly past my limits! There are many sessions offered here including boxing, commando camp, basecamp etc. which gives anyone interested to train many options to choose from and enjoy! If you’re looking for a GREAT GYM, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PPTC!! The team make me want to workout everyday!!

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